A new night
The journey begins.

An overnight camp two weeks into the back county has found our band of hunters in a new land.  Through the mist, the group has found themselves in a strange realm and is seeking answers to a range of questions.  Some in the group are pursuing rumors on long lost family, a few are missionaries of the Emerald Enclave investigating a disruption of nature's laws.  Fortunately, the band is traveling with an act-first-think-later barbarian to smash problems.

Barbarian and Ranger quickly discover a travel road off camp.  The band begins by road soon to run upon a settlement tucked in the winterly hillside.  Snow caps the evergreens.

The village of Krezk is located high atop a hillside, a switchback road winds up the elevation to bring the party below a massive walled community.  The gates are closed.  Nobody is outside the wall except for your stranded souls.  A survey by the Ranger notes wolves have died by arrow on this hill.

Even higher above Krezk, a massive stone abbey is built into the mountainside and overlooks the walled village.  The group does not recognize any known religious symbolism or art to identify the sacred being of the abbey.  A troubling sign…

Guards atop the walls look down with obvious fear at the group assembled before them.  A band of half breeds, armed to the teeth, have arrived at their village.  Yes, there is a single human.  But he's obviously a thief.  The guards will not open the gate.  Fear of wolves and greater evil has paralyzed these folk.  They summon the Burgomaster to decide how to deal with the new arrivals.

While awaiting the arrival of the Burgomaster atop the wall, the band learns from the guards their regular supply of wine has stopped arriving.   If anyone needs the healing power of wine, its these folks guarding the wall.  The Burgomaster arrives…

His fine clothing declares his nobility, but he is obviously troubled.  He is unwilling to open the gates without a reason to trust newcomers.  After being asked about the missing wine shipment, the Burgomaster has revealed a way for the band to enter into his good graces…

Still, this man is clearly harboring some real sadness, nobody can discern why…

We are directed to the east road and then a south road to investigate the Wizard of Wines, the local winery.

Along the journey the band happens upon a stone bridge with a rushing river just a couple feet below.  Clearly, a smallish pack of large wolves have run this path.  The crossing was otherwise unremarkable.





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